Black Herbal Salve – 30g


Ancient medicine grounded in good science

Historically, Blood Root was used by the Native Americans to heal many aliments such as stomach problems, respiratory issues and removal of superficial tumors, skin tags and warts.

Established research in PubMed, science direct and Medline suggest that the alkaloids in Blood Root are good candidates as chemo-therapeutic regimes and successful immune therapies. In fact, positive effects have been shown in laboratory studies for prostate, breast, pancreatic plus many other types of cancer.

How does Blood Root kill cancer cells?

There are numerous studies that detail the effects of Sanguinarine and cellular reproduction. The bottom line is that it causes cancer cell apoptosis meaning that it causes cancer cells to die. The beauty of Blood Root is that it does not harm healthy cells, but only kills the cancer cells. How wonderful is that?!
However, like any other form of treatment, whether it is botanical or chemical in nature, the treatment may kill the cancer cells, but it does not correct the root cause of any particular cancer.

Cancer is the symptom and not the cause. You must address what allowed the cancer to develop in the first place.

There are multiple reasons that cancer develops in the body:

1. Poor nutritional habits.
2. Toxicity from the home environment.
3. Toxicity from the external environment.
4. Stress and a body that is out of balance energetically.
5. Unresolved emotional issues that have been buried.
6. Dental issues from toxic amalgams and root canals.
7. A compromised immune system.

There are literally hundreds of herbal plants that have anti-cancer properties. Blood Root is one of many that shows promise for strengthening the immune system and healing cancer.

To remove skin tags, apply the salve on the skin tag and keep it there for 20 to 30 minutes then wash off completely. Repeat this process daily until the skin tag drops off.

You may want to look at my ‘Blog’ page to read Bill O’Leary’s Skin Cancer Story and this Black Salve article by Natural News.

Includes full dosage instructions.

Ingredients: Bloodroot, Graviola (Soursop), Chaparral, Galangal, Zinc Chloride, Coconut Oil, DMSO.

  • H B

    5 out of 5

    I bought this to extract tumors from my body this stuff works better than another brand i tried. So far pulled out over 200 tumours. As well as changing my diet to organic raw juicing i am using the salve to safely pull these out and finally starting to see an end in sight after three months.. This is a powerful well made black salve i highly recommend this. A friend also bought this and she also finally got a reaction she needed to start extracting her tumour with lozz brand. Highly recommend it high quality salve.
    This is my honest opinion, i wasnt paid to make this review and do not know lozz personally can only go by the product. If used a little at a time on tip of your pinkie it will last for dozens of salves.

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