MMS2 – Calcium Hypochlorite Water Purification 60 Capsules 500mg


Water Purification with MMS2

Using MMS2 to purify drinking water: Adding the contents of one MMS2 capsule to 50 litres of water will kill most known pathogens. Leave the water for at least 30 minutes before drinking to ensure sufficient time for the product to get to work.

MMS2 capsules provide a surplus-reserve of hypochlorous acid enabling the immune system to apply it wherever it is needed. MMS2 is a purifying agent, used in water purification systems, in swimming pools. It eliminates pathogens without harm to other living systems.

MMS2 DOSAGE: For general use and taken without MMS1, Jim Humble suggests starting with one capsule taken with ample water (two glasses of water for the first capsule and then one glass of water thereafter) to prove you have no adverse reactions.  Next day and thereafter, take one capsule morning and evening (2 per day). If you have mild stomach sensations, drink more water to complete the activation.

Then gradually increase the use of MMS2 capsules from 2 per day to 3 or 4 per day – if you wish. Always maintain at least two hours between capsule use. Read further about MMS2 protocols at http://JimHumble.biz/  – especially protocols 8 and 11 at his web site.

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