Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths: A Powerful (and Cheap!) Detoxifier

Epsom salts have been used to treat a variety of health ailments by numerous cultures for centuries. Epsom salt baths have astounding health benefits and are an excellent way to de­stress and detoxify the whole body. However, these salts are not just beneficial for healing the human body. ­They are are useful as household cleaners and can even nourish the garden. You can find bulk Epsom salts at gardening stores almost everywhere, making them a real health bargain. Read More

Magnesium Oil by Walter Last

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Magnesium Oil is a concentrated and nearly saturated solution of magnesium chloride in water. It is called “oil” because of the smooth oily feeling when rubbed onto the skin. Commonly magnesium chloride is derived from seawater, directly through evaporation, from the Dead Sea. Magnesium chloride derived from seawater is regarded as being food-grade by the FDA. Read More

Natural Anti Inflammatory Foods

Here’s everything you need to know about reducing inflammation by changing the way you eat.

What is inflammation?

Acute inflammation is the body’s natural response to protect itself from infection. But when that response is prolonged, it leads to chronic inflammation, a sign that the immune system is stuck in overdrive. Some common causes of this condition are: Read More

Uses for Nettle Tincture


Nettle has been used medicinally to treat various conditions, and nettle juice has even been used to purportedly enhance hair growth when applied to the scalp. Nettle has also been used for its rich supply of the minerals calcium and iron.  Read More

MSM and DMSO Organic Sulphur as a Versatile Healer by Walter Last

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MSM, dimethylsulfone or methylsulfonylmethane with the formula (CH3)2SO2 occurs naturally in many fresh foods but is lost during processing. Its main use in the body is for collagen synthesis, forming skin, blood vessels, hair and nails. Its main benefit is to keep cells, skin and blood vessels elastic, which is the attribute of youth. That is why organic sulphur is often regarded as the beauty mineral. It keeps cell walls permeable so that nutrients can freely flow into the cells and wastes and toxins can easily be removed.

Read More

Herbs for Joint Pain Relief & Arthritis


Here are some of the most commonly used anti-inflammatory arthritis joint supplement options for joint pain relief:

  • ARNICA – Used in cream form to prevent bruising and swelling of joints due to injuries.
  • BOSWELLIA – Taken orally to help reduce inflammation of joint tissue and treat arthritis..
  • OMEGA-3 Flax or Fish Oils – Help soothe and quench joint inflammation.
  • GRAPE SEED EXTRACT – Works well for swollen ankles due to circulatory difficulties an blocks histamine associated with allergic reaction.
  • DEVIL’S CLAW – This extract works well to relieve arthritis pain.
  • WHITE WILLOW BARK – It includes the same component, salicylic acid, as aspirin. However, does not upset the stomach and is actually healing to the whole body and joint surfaces. Good for arthritis.
  • GINGER – An effective treatment for bursitis and arthritis. You can take an extract internally or get fresh ginger root, cut a slice and rub directly into your joints. Circulation enhancer.
  • GLUCOSAMINE – Great for giving your body the raw materials to rejuvenate the joint socket and provide lubrication.
  • MSM – Great for giving your body the raw materials to rejuvenate the joint socket and provide lubrication.
  • TURMERIC – It has natural cox-2 inhibitors and a top natural remedy for arthritis, bursitis and tendinitis.

Arnica, white willow bark, MSM and turmeric can be found in Lozz’s Wellness Store.



MANAGING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. An Overview of Holistic Healing. ~ Walter Last.

With autoimmune diseases the immune system starts attacking the pleomorphic (shape changing) microbes hiding in affected organs or glands. Corticosteroids suppress the immune system and with this also any existing inflammations, but when drugs are gradually eliminated the immune system may explode again and the patient goes back on high-dose emergency corticosteroids.

I did not have a problem getting patients with all kinds of autoimmune diseases back to normal within a few weeks on a fasting-cleanse with mainly fresh raw vegetables. However, there was a proviso which I realised only later: it worked only if patients had not been on immunosuppressive drugs. It appears that the immune system, when released from its chains, initially overreacts. Read More

Parasite Cleanse


There are hundreds of parasites that can infect humans.

Parasite  Cleanse is a therapy aimed at ridding body of parasitic animals.
There are hundreds of parasites that can infect humans.

The most known Parasite  Cleanse is Hulda Clark ‘s ( Hanna Kroger’s) herbal parasites killing formula:

  1. Black-Walnut Green Tincture
  2. Wormwood Capsules
  3. Cloves Capsules

These three herbs must be used together. Black-Walnut hull and wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites. Cloves kill the eggs. Only if you use them together will you rid yourself of parasites. If you kill only the adults, the tiny stages and eggs will soon grow into new adults. If you kill only the eggs, the million stages already loose in your body will soon grow into adults and make more eggs. They must be used together as a single treatment. Read More

Kelp Possesses Great Nutritional Power

Kelp is a large type of seaweed, and in fact, there are approximately thirty different types of kelp. It has many uses and one of them is as a diet supplement. It is classified as algae and is very rich in nutrients. The health benefits of including kelp as a dietary supplement are well documented. These include the strengthening of the circulatory system, provision of strong bones and teeth, cancer fighting benefits and reducing the risk of strokes and heart disease. The large concentration of iodine found in Kelp helps to stimulate the thyroid gland and control metabolism. Read More

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