Flood Your Body With Oxygen: Human Health & Disease


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Flood Your Body With Oxygen: Human Health and Disease – Therapy for our polluted world

Here’s the big secret not taught in medical schools. Disease can’t live in oxygen! Anaerobic micro-organisms cannot live in oxygen. The ultimate cause of all disease is toxins making water anaerobes the main cause of disease in the world today, yet they can be completely eliminated easily and inexpensively by putting special forms of oxygen in water.

Since our bodies are mostly water, and our cells love oxygen, we can safely and correctly put special forms of oxygen into and on our bodies.

Once we get enough of this special oxygen inside us, what is stopping the oxygen from eliminating the vast majority of microbes causing our diseases, since they cannot live in oxygen? This is not theory, and this film offers you more than one hundred years worth of European and American research, testing, and application of various forms of oxygen as proof.

Applied properly, we can safely and easily get rid of most diseases being suffered by the inhabitants of the poorest and richest nations of the world. This DVD reveals practical methods used for removing major causes of human suffering and disease. Absolutely stunning information.

This DVD is supplied in a clear plastic sleeve.


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