Frankincense Resin Incense 50g


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The oldest kind of incense and in exactly the same form as used by the three wise men two thousand years ago. In fact, the use of tree resin as an aromatic substance can be traced back much further – over six thousand years

The smoky fragrance produced by burning resin on charcoal disks is quite unique and amazingly evocative.

Frankincense Resin Rocks are rich in aromatic diffusion and have a uniform crystallized appearance.The smoke produced was traditionally used for the cleansing of spaces. These resin rocks are renowned to purify and cleanse spaces of negative energy and generate a soothing and relaxing feeling. Frankincense Resin also increases your sense of well-being and burning these natural aromatics at your home improves mental focus.
Pure and natural, Frankincense produces a rich aroma and creates a clean and positive environment. On burning, Frankincense Resin generates a positively charged aura and helps in calming a mind full of built up stress.

Also known as liquid gold or Boswellia serrata, Frankincense assists in removing negative energy from a space, providing protection, and creating an elevated spiritual awareness. It is often used to lift moods, to ease anxiety and stress, and for purification.


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