Protective Hexenspiegel (Witch’s Mirror)



Hexenspiegel is “witch’s mirror” in German. It’s purpose is to prevent evil eye, negative magic, and hateful intentions. This can be really helpful if your work environment is negative or you are having problems with co-workers. It not only repels those negative energies, but it sends them right back to the person who sends it. Simply put it on and let it do it’s work.

The wood I have used is Hawthorn. Hawthorn is traditionally used to make psychic shields, particularly for the innocent and vulnerable. It can be given to help protect a child from any harsh energies in the environment, and particularly at puberty when a child is particularly sensitive and vulnerable, and in need of psychic protection. This aspect is also reflected in its use as a hedging plant, not only for its thick impenetrable growth, but also as a psychic shield.

Representing good fortune, spiritual growth and psychic protection. Wear your hexenspiegel round your neck.


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