Organic Lemon Essential Oil 10ml


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My organic oils are certified ‘food’ grade organic, the highest organic grade possible, most essential oils sold by other suppliers are only ‘health and beauty grade”, a lower standard.

Organic Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus Limon)

Botanical Name – Citrus limon

Caution – *Store in a cool area to maintain optimum freshness

Aroma – Sharp and fruity

Extraction – Cold expression

Part of Plant – Peel

Country of Origin – Italy

Chemical Constituents – Limonene, b-pinene, y-terpinene

Uses – Supports digestion, particularly the elimination phase i.e. lower belly.  Good for absorption and digesting fat.  Useful in dealing with bacteria and candida in lower abdomen. Very detoxifying, and good for areas we store poison e.g. the thighs. Also useful for colds and or the flu, try a few drops mixed with water as a mouthwash. Perfect for sick rooms, as it is very uplifting and anti microbial.

Origin – Believed to have originated from India, lemons were introduced to the Middle East around 100 AD by Arab traders, but did not reach Europe till the eleventh or twelfth century via the Crusades. They arrived in the New World with Spanish and Portuguese explorers from the late fifteenth century and were used by the British Navy to counteract the risk of scurvy on long sea voyages.

Organic Certificate – This essential oil is certified organic by the Soil Association, which means you can be sure that it has been produced to the highest ethical and environmental standards. The Soil Association’s standards exceed the UK government’s minimum requirements for organic products in many areas, but particularly in animal welfare, GM and the use of pesticides. Standards are constantly reviewed to ensure they deal with current issues.

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