De-puff & Repair Anti Aging Eye Serum with DMAE 50ml

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I like to call this wonderful eye serum ‘De-puff & Repair Anti-Aging Eye Serum’ as it does exactly that – it is a deeply moisturizing, light-feel eye serum which offers potent anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, firming and repairing benefits.

Just a single drop of serum is needed to unleash its benefits – hydrate, firm and tone, smooth wrinkles and lines, de-puff and calm inflammation, and protect the delicate skin with occlusive, emollient, antioxidant, humectant, astringent and regenerating properties. This oil goes a long way!

Ingredients | Properties & Benefits

Seven ingredients are all that is required in this luxurious-feeling De-puff & Repair Anti-Aging Eye Serum. All oils have been selected because they have been deemed safe for use around the delicate skin of the eye area, are useful for all skin types including sensitive skin, and they provide lightweight, fast-absorbing moisture with anti-aging benefits.

Grape seed oil – rich in antioxidants (vitamin E) and tannins; effective at toning/firming skin. Provides lasting hydration. Anti-inflammatory benefits, grape seed oil is great at smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.
Jojoba oil – also rich in antioxidants and tannins; tones, firms and improves elasticity of skin. Provides occlusive layer and protects from moisture loss. Effective anti-inflammatory.
Olive squalane – very lightweight, silky-feeling moisture, quickly absorbed and penetrates deeply to improve elasticity. Boosts cell regeneration and barrier repair, with humectant benefits. Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and dark shadows/circles around eyes.
Pomegranate oil – potent anti-inflammatory effects to de-puff eye area. Reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Antioxidant with strong healing qualities to repair and regenerate skin.
Carrot tissue oil – moisturizes, softens and smoothes skin, while repairing and regenerating skin cells and barrier. Anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant rich.
DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) – has been shown to have an enormous positive effect on facial and body skin. These effects include skin firming, deeply hydrating skin, increasing collagen production, instant decrease in wrinkle appearance long term reduction in wrinkle appearance. helps firm and tighten the skin. Has also been known as “facelift in a jar” by some skin specialists. With regular use it will give skin a more defined, youthful appearance.
Vitamin E – antioxidant; prolongs shelf life of product.

How to use the serum

Oil-based eye serums are an absolute delight for their powerful anti-age benefits. Those who have used plant-based oils can certainly attest to their effectiveness in warding off eye wrinkles and toning the eye area. However, a note from the wise here- less is more with oil-based eye products – careful not to use too much – one-drop is all that is required. Too much oil-based serum in the eye-area may congest the delicate skin around the eye area, and actually counter the anti-inflammatory properties of eye serum, resulting in a puffy-looking eye area. If this occurs, discontinue use for a few days until inflammation has well subsided. You may try the eye serum again if desired.

Apply one drop for both eyes – smooth onto fingers and lightly, gently pat eye area with fingers tips to distribute a small amount of serum only under the eye, and over top the eye over the brow bone. Body heat will allow the oil to further distribute over the eye area overnight. It is recommended only to use this eye serum at night, while the skin optimally repairs itself. Daytime use under cosmetics will likely cause smudging or movement of eye makeup. Careful not to get serum near the eye socket, as the serum may enter the eye. Flush eyes with water if contact occurs.

2 reviews for De-puff & Repair Anti Aging Eye Serum with DMAE 50ml

  1. Simon (verified owner)

    Helps the tired eyes, use very very little, does reduce the puffed up look under the eyes. Lasts for ages so good value.

  2. Anne (verified owner)

    I wanted to purchase this item as a present as I viewed the ingredients of this and saw how much work had been put in to it….and the fact it is all natural with amazing ingredients!

    I love this, you only need to use a tiny drop as it is so oily and apply to the under eye area, it smoothes on but need to be careful on making sure it is rubbed in as it can leave you with yellow under your eyes!

    It makes my eyes feel nourished and lovely and it does help with the dark circles!

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