Thyroid Balancing Blend 50ml



If you are dealing with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, whether from thyroid issues or an autoimmune disease like Hasimoto’s, the extra symptoms that come with it cause all sorts of discomfort.

Helping your body regulate its hormones and reestablish a balance can’t be done with a daily dose of medicine. Getting to the root of the problem with nutrition, self-care, stress management, and detox will help you reclaim your hidden self!

Here are some of my favorites for promoting thyroid health and helping ease some of those most common symptoms!

Frankincense is known as the “King of Oils,” and for good reason! The positive effects this oil brings the body are amazing! I love how its aroma can simultaneously ground, calm, and refresh me.

As for your thyroid, Frankincense can promote healthy immune and endocrine responses and decrease inflammation. This is vital if you have thyroid dysfunction or an autoimmune thyroid disease like Hashimoto’s. Supporting your health at a cellular level, Frankincense boosts immune function to help bridge the gap from hormones to the thyroid and get your body back at its best.

Feeling overwhelmed with all you have to deal with in life? So much of your body’s thyroid function stems from stress management, namely the hormone cortisol. When you feel overly taxed or are treading in the chronic stress waters, your thyroid can really take a hit. Clove essential oil helps regulate your body’s stress response. You can feel an immediate calm because of its warming scent, which always reminds me of cozy fall days. It not only smells great, but it is a powerful antioxidant, even more powerful than blueberries!

The main constituent of Clove oil, eugenol, can really help your body fend off environmental toxins and detox through free radicals, as well as giving that immune system a healthy boost. Plus, it makes a great addition to many recipes. Check out some great ideas that use clove oil here!

Since your thyroid depends on certain nutrients to function at its best, your digestive system needs to be in top condition! Lemongrass essential oil has been found to promote healthy digestion and help your body absorb the nutrients when you eat.

If you’re dealing with inflammation, Lemongrass can also help regulate your body’s inflammatory responses and assist the cells that are associated with rebuilding damaged tissue. This is crucial if you are dealing with Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism, because your thyroid gland could be in need of some repair. These facts, along with its ability to promote healthy circulation and nervous system responses, make Lemongrass a super powerful oil to help your thyroid function.

Myrrh essential oil not only benefits your skin but also supports healthy emotions and boosts the immune system. It also has strong cleansing properties that can act as antioxidants in your body and help your body filter out the toxins that could be slowing you down. Your body synthesizes chemicals called cytokines, which play a major role in the progression of autoimmune thyroid diseases. A great benefit of myrrh is that it can keep your cells from producing this chemical, potentially thwarting your body’s attack on your thyroid gland. Anything that can help you feel better faster is worth adding to your daily self-care routine!

Basil essential oil has been found to help restore mental calmness and relieve stress. Its aroma can be grounding when diffused. Its cooling properties can also be refreshing when applied to the back of your neck or temples.

Linalool, the main constituent of Basil essential oil, affects the areas of the brain that process dopamine and serotonin. These are the “feel-good” chemicals that help you feel calm and happy. Because of this, Basil can be a fantastic mood stabilizer for those days where you feel like you are losing control.

Rub into the neck twice daily.


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