Black Walnut Hull Tincture 1:3 50ml

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Black walnut hull extract is made by harvesting the green hulls which surround the nut of the black walnut tree.

These green hulls are stripped from the nuts and cleaned. Then they are broken down into smaller parts and soaked in a solution of organic grain alcohol and distilled water.

Some of the natural chemicals do not dissolve in water and hence the reason the alcohol is used. This is a very common ingredient in the manufacture of liquid herbal remedies and it is taken is tiny amounts which are negligible.

Black walnut hull extract has been used for many hundreds of years to help control and eliminate parasites from the body. It can be bought separately or with the two other anti parasite herbs clove and wormwood.

Traditional uses of black walnut are: expel parasites, worms, yeast, lower blood pressure, help thyroid problems (especially low thyroid output), skin fungus, asthma, beriberi, diarrhea, sore throat, and lung disease. Powdered black walnut has been used to clean teeth and tighten gums.

Black Walnut has also been used to aid digestion, act as a mild laxative, help heal mouth and sore throat, and to cleanse the body of various parasites.

It is also known to be good for fungal infections, herpes, poison ivy, and warts. It also may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Many people have parasites
More and more people are concerned these days about the presence of intestinal parasites and worms in the body. According to numerous studies, nearly 85% of Americans and peoples of “civilised” countries have parasites of one kind or another in their bodies.

Some researchers believe the number is closer to 100%.

Due to the vast number of illnesses implicating parasites as the cause, a regular natural detoxification program including an anti-parasite formula and colon cleanser to promote proper elimination has been recommended by various naturopaths.

Black Walnut Hull has been used to treat the following conditions:
ringworm & worms
fungal and parasitic infections
mouth sores & herpes
poison ivy
acne, eczema and other skin conditions
toxic blood conditions

Buy singularly or as a pack for the parasite killing protocol
The pack includes:
Black Walnut Tincture
Wormwood Capsules
Clove Capsules

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  1. Simon

    Purchased with the parasite cleanse kit. Very good!

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