Organic 3 Herb Digestive Tonic 50ml

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My Digestive Tonic is a 3 herb mix tincture of Fennel, Gentian and Hyssop.


Health Benefits and Therapeutic Uses:

Gentian has highly effective anti-helmintic, bacteriostatic, cholagogue, and choleretic properties that help in stimulating the glandular cells of the digestive organs in the body. This in turn helps in quickening the transit of food in the intestinal tract. Gentian is also good for curing a number of digestive disorders such as stomach upsets, constipation, indigestion, flatulence, and other gastrointestinal problems. It is also a good appetite stimulant. This property also makes it effective in the treatment of problems like anorexia.

Gentian helps in stimulating the growth of red blood cells and leucocytes in the body thereby boosting the immune system.
Gentian is commonly mixed with other depurative herbal tinctures for detoxifying the body. It helps flush out harmful toxins and excess uric acid from the body. Therefore, it is effective in maintaining good liver and kidney health.
Experts recommend using gentian tinctures for treating intestinal parasites, diabetes, and inflammation and infections of the pancreas. For hepatic and gastric diseases, this tincture is diluted in water. The hepatic properties of gentian help in regenerating hepatic cells and improve the functioning of the liver.

This herb is used for treating biliary fits, dyskinesis, and for preventing biliary lithiasis.
Gentian is also used in the treatment of hypothyroidism. It helps in stimulating metabolism and enhances the secretion of the thyroid hormones.
Gentian is a great herb for aiding in recovery from various diseases and illnesses as it helps in boosting energy and activating the functioning of various organs in the body.
It helps in soothing an irritated gallbladder and normalizes its functioning.
Gentian root tea is a well-known herbal remedy for common colds, fevers, and related symptoms. It supplies the body with the necessary antioxidants and nutrients it requires to overcome these problems.
It regulates blood circulation thereby strengthening the entire cardiovascular system.

Hyssop has several medicinal uses and can be used to alleviate symptoms of various medical problems. The hyssop plant contains volatile oil, which is an effective stimulative, carminative, and diaphoretic. Hyssop is an effective expectorant in respiratory infections such as bronchitis. Hyssop is extremely effective in relieving stress and can help to alleviate pain. In this sense, hyssop is useful in easing symptoms related to fever and circulatory problems. Owing to its carminative properties, hyssop can also be used in ailments related to the digestive tract, particularly indigestion, gas, bloating, and colic. The hyssop plant has also been employed as a sedative. Hyssop tea is a popular refreshing drink that has served as a relaxant.
The hyssop plant has been widely applied for its medicinal uses. Working both as a stimulative and a sedative, the plant has been used to alleviate symptoms related to respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, and muscular disorders.

Fennel is a common herb used in our kitchens and also an old-fashioned cough remedy that will loosen phlegm and ease coughs and colds. For 2000 years many people have relied on the herbal extract, or tea, for its digestive and weight control benefits. Promotes the functioning of the liver, kidneys, spleen and clears the lungs. It is mainly used for digestive disorders. It has an abundance of flavonoids which exert mild estrogenic effects. It has been useful for colic, menstrual cramps, gas, excessive mucus, indigestion, abdominal distension and an excellent herb for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This herbal tincture has been used successfully to prevent griping when strong laxatives are indicated. The seed’s medicinal properties have been shown to help in the treatment of kidney stones. As a diuretic, Fennel promotes urine flow. It is also thought to increase perspiration and reduce intermittent fevers. In addition, Fennel is believed to promote the functioning of the kidneys, liver, and spleen, and may reduce toxic effects of alcohol on the body. Fennel has also been used after chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments.

Fennel Seed extract is widely known for its benefits for digestive problems, including indigestion, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea. Some of its components, such as essential oils, acts as stimulants for the digestive tract and can increase the secretion of digestive and gastric juices. The actions are helpful to facilitate proper absorption of nutrients by your small intestine. Fennel also contains amino acid histidine, which may aid in the proper functioning of the entire digestive system. Because it relaxes the smooth muscle lining of the digestive tract, it has helped alleviate acid-stomach, the symptoms of food poisoning, motion sickness, bloating, nausea and vomiting. Fennel is an aromatic stimulant and a great herb for the gastric pain and colon disorders and also found to be helpful to ease infant colic.

Although it is sometimes thought to perk up a poor appetite, the herb may also help in weight loss programs. Fennel seed has been used successfully as both a metabolic enhancer and as a natural appetite suppressant. It is also considered to be a natural diuretic that can relieve bloating and aid in the reduction of water retention. Fennel seed extracts have an added benefit with regard to fat reduction in that it helps break up fat deposits in the bloodstream to be used as energy. By using energy sources the body has already stored, can reduce the cravings for food consumption. By increasing energy levels, Fennel seed may help to prolong physical activity when exercising or working out. It is a good source of vitamin C, and the seeds contain fiber and complex carbohydrates.

Researchers have found that Fennel seed contains melatonin. In 2011, Researchers at the University of Granada performed a study to show that melatonin, a natural hormone, so it has been used to regulate healthy sleep patterns, which also helps control weight gain.

Today, Fennel seed is being studied as having a role in the reduction of high blood pressure or hypertension. Calcium is an important mineral, as it helps to keep smooth muscles in the blood vessels toned and less likely to suffer injury. Calcium is also important for maintaining heart rate. Fennel Seed contains numerous flavonoid antioxidants like kaempferol and quercetin. A powerful anti-inflammatory, Fennel tincture may help prevent oxidation and inflammation, thus preventing many chronic conditions. Its actions are thought to offer the body protection from cancers, infections, aging and degenerative neurological disease.

Fennel is considered a very effective expectorant that has been known to expel mucus accumulations. It is a fine remedy for respiratory ailments, including asthma and bronchitis. The herb contains creosol and alpha-pinene, two agents that help to loosen phlegm and bronchial secretions and thereby ease non-productive coughs and relieve colds. Fennel appears to increase the efficacy of the antibiotic, streptomycin when used against tuberculosis, although it shows no effect on the disease-causing bacteria themselves.

Fennel is an herbal remedy that has been used to increase the function of the digestive system. This action may result in better absorption of vitamins and minerals, two things usually lacking in women with endometriosis and during the menstrual cycle. As an antifungal, Fennel is said to inhibit yeast growth and is effective against Candida Albicans. Recent studies show that Fennel Seed extract has an anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-yeast activity against pathogenic organisms. Fennel Seed helps to normalize the liver function that increases the fat and protein metabolism which helps to inhibit bad estrogen in the women’s body before or during the menstrual cycle. High levels of bad estrogen not only elevate endometrial cramps but can also increase the risk of cancer and abnormal cell growth.

Fennel seeds health benefits have also been attributed to breast growth. Fennel is a phytoestrogen which means that it stimulates estrogen production in the body. When estrogen is stimulated, breast tissue growth is encouraged. As an added bonus, while increasing breast size, which many women find beneficial. Besides helping in breast growth it also increases milk production for lactating women and has been used to enrich and increase the flow of milk. The breast milk, in turn, supports healthy digestion in babies.

Fennel’s anti-inflammatory properties are another age-old remedy for alleviating stiff, painful joints, arthritis and rheumatism. This herb can help relieve water retention thereby helping to eliminate toxic wastes from the body, making it a good herbal remedy for treating arthritis and cellulite. It is also thought to hasten the healing of muscle strain and hernia.

Recent studies show that Fennel Seed extract has an anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-yeast activity against pathogenic organisms. As an antifungal, Fennel is said to inhibit yeast growth and is effective against Candida albicans.

Dosage: 10-15 drops in a little water 3 times daily 10 minutes before a meal.


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    I used this as and when and it’s lasted ages. Good for the gut.

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