Body Balance Intestinal Mucosa Blend 10ml




Designed to gently permeate topically through the skin to regenerate and heal the mucosal lining of the small intestine to increase optimal nutrient absorption and support the healing of food intolerances and Leaky Gut conditions.


The Ideal for food intolerances, leaky gut, chronic pain and fatigue, auto-immune conditions or any kind of chronic intestinal issues. The small intestine, and the intestinal mucosa that keep it healthy, play a critical role in digestion and immune function. It is through the small intestine, not the stomach, that the food we consume is absorbed and assimilated into the body. The small intestine also serves as a barrier and a gatekeeper for our immune system, keeping undesirable organisms, like undigested food particles and pathogens (bacteria, fungus, yeast, toxins and parasites) from passing through the intestinal lining into the body. The intestinal mucosa protects the cells and nourishes “good” bacterial flora which in turn feeds the lining of the small intestine keeping it robust, healthy and able to support the final steps of digestion, allowing only appropriately digested food particles to be absorbed.

INGREDIENTS: Body Balance Intestinal Mucosa blend contains a proprietary blend of Cypress, Nargarmotha, Birch, and Cardamom in a base of olive oil.

HOW TO USE: Apply 2- 3 drops in a clockwise circle around the belly button. Use in combination with Anti-Inflammatory Oil to both antiinflame and heal gut lining.

WHEN TO USE: If possible, apply 3 times daily, 10 minutes prior to meals or 2 times daily (upon rising and before going to sleep).


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